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Family Owned

More Than Just Marketing.

Based out of Orlando, FL, Salted Orange Studios began in 2013 as Javie and Jessica Madrigal’s vision to work as a team to advocate for local business owners and help them make the impact they set out to make when they started pursuing their dream.

We believe in the inherent power of authentic brand stories, and are committed to helping business leaders step confidently into the light, embracing their unique identity and role in the community. 

Through the expertise we have gained over the past 10 years in business growth, brand identity, marketing, and design, we are now certified business growth specialists. In addition, we head up a team of experienced web developers, designers, graphic artists, SEO experts, lead gen specialists, and brand strategists. 

Why "Salted Orange"?

Inspired by scripture Matthew 5:13-16, salt symbolizes value, purpose, and influence, while light represents clarity, transparency, and illumination. Like a seasoned fruit that tantalizes the palate or a lamp that pierces the darkness, we believe every brand has a unique essence waiting to be revealed.

Mission Driven

Our Commitment to Local Marketplace Transformation

Our Mission
Our Vision

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